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What is an Acquisition Advice Inspection ?

A Chartered Surveyor with 30 years plus experience inspects the property you are looking at purchasing. The surveyor carries out an examination of the property to a similar depth to a traditional survey.  No formal report is written up and, as such, this is not a formal survey. A detailed understanding of the property via verbal reporting is given to the purchaser immediately if the client is able to visit the site with the surveyor, or within a day or two with the aid of the inspection photographs and a conference call.

Inspection with the client

The client arrives at a pre-arranged time and goes around the property in a logical sequence with the surveyor, who provides a briefing to the client on all aspects that a typical purchaser would want to know prior to purchase. Matters are drawn to the client’s attention in front of the issue.  This enables a verbal explanation of the issue to be given to the client by the surveyor, and the client is able to ask questions at any point.

The client cannot always attend in person

With the inspection photos shared via an email link, a full verbal overview of the state and condition of the property, and the matters to consider in relation to a proposed purchase, can be discussed quickly and efficiently – wherever the client is located after inspection.  This overview is sometimes accompanied by many hundreds of photos used to illustrate the condition and points raised in regard to any considerations to be made prior to purchase.

The client can view the photographs at the same time as the surveyor and have an interactive conversation in relation to the property. In some cases, this can take hours!

How do we download the photo record of the inspection ?

The photographs are normally shared via an email link for download from a dropbox account.  They are usually also shared on a similar basis for a client who is able to attend.

Can a reinstatement valuation be carried out at the same time ?

Yes.  The surveyor typically measures the building as part of their analyses.  The extra time in the office to calculate the BCIS building’s reinstatement value typically only takes an hour or two.

How long do we get with the surveyor on site ?

The surveyor’s acquisition advice inspection time is shorter than when carrying out a building survey as the surveyor only takes notes or photographs of aspects to report – unlike a building survey when every aspect is recorded. Typically, it varies depending on the property and the issues encountered. Most properties take half a day or just over for inspection and half a day or just under for reporting and client discussion.

What does it cost ?

This is slightly variable as it is based on the surveyor’s time. Normally, a reduced survey day rate is applicable for the Chartered Surveyor’s time. An acquisition advice inspection is usually about 33{ebccdcf638175dd411879d179fcc648ace7d3daa2988806105a4892eb8927dcb} cheaper than a formal survey, as the surveyor spends less time in the office, without the need to write up a formal report.

We are regulated with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and take pride in our accuracy, experience and proven track record. In particular, the practice focuses on assisting clients with building surveys, home surveys, house purchase surveys and homebuyer-style reports and acquisition advice to assist a property purchaser.  This includes verbal and photographic property and building acquisition advice.

When purchasing your new home, the right survey by a qualified Chartered Surveyor can help you make an informed final decision on a property. If we identify any significant defects in the property, our professional survey report may even help you negotiate the purchase price.